GetBetter Inc. is a community based organization that’s striving to push the mental limits of individuals with their bodies naturally following suit in life’s journey to achieve greatness. Developed in 2016, GetBetter Impact aims to address the many needs of the youth population. Over the last year, we have successfully educated, employed, and empowered teens that were living for the moment instead of the future.


We organize a variety of events to help people learn about and get involved with their communities. From talks to fundraisers to community service, this is where you can find out what’s going on, and sign up!


Each donor will receive a call and email of thank you. It is appreciated beyond measure for us not to contact you.


GetBetter Inc. is providing a variety of programs in our community. There is titles and descriptions below for you review. We hope you will make a donation to bring these visions to life. Thank you

Using basketball as a tool to get middle & high school students in the program to teach them life skills and positive thinking. Translating skill development on the court to their demeanor and presentation off the court. I played high school, college and professional basketball. It taught me a lot about life and helped me grow into the man I am today. Understanding different personalities and perspectives, effective communication, teamwork, punctuality, and so much more. Using basketball as a tool to get middle & high school students in the program to teach them life skills and positive thinking. Translating skill development on the court to their demeanor and presentation off the court. From 3:30pm to 5:30pm we will do basketball skill development and play basketball games. Instructing discipline, control of the physical and mental, as well as body strength and conditioning. They will receive their Subway catered meal starting at 5:30pm as we move to a classroom. There we will be focusing on homework, open dialogue, and future planning until 7:30pm. At 7:30pm the program ends and as the program builds, in the future years we will look to supply transportation for the groups to get home safely.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program (Y. E. P) is a life-changing program that positively impacts the entire community. From exciting local business guest lecturers to dynamic field trips to local companies, students learn how to develop and run a real enterprise in a fun, projects-based approach. Y. E. P ignites a passion for business education and entrepreneurship, and provides the practical experience necessary to apply it to real life situations. It transforms mindsets
by opening students’ eyes to the opportunities that surround them, and then giving them the necessary tools to go after them.

Y. E. P also opens the door to economic empowerment and places students on a path to prosperous futures for themselves and their communities.

Values are the very principles that guide our behavior, and we believe ours are integral in leading students and alumni to fulfilling and meaningful lives. We encourage ownership of responsibility for your own life. No one will ever be as concerned about your success as you.


Cooperation creates real value in society – for yourself and others. Q: How do I get Y. When ordering the stand, customers have a choice of which ipad and iphone they would best spy app like the stand to hold the second-, third-, and fourth-generation ipad and ipad mini are all options, as well as the iphone 4/s or iphone 5. E. P into a school I care about?

We would love to be at your school. In fact, we are currently expanding our reach. To get the ball rolling, call our Youth Director at 240-619-6976. We would be happy to discuss the implementation process and present to your school’s administration. You’ll Have The Opportunity To:

  • Turn your passions and talents into a real business
  • Learn from legendary entrepreneurs
  • Perfect Your Elevator Pitch
  • Develop Your Brand by Creating a Company Logo and Website
  • Meet & Greet with Members of the Media (maybe even get on TV!)
  • Learn To Manage Business Expenses and Income
  • Learn About Different Types of Business Structures
  • Get the Real Deal on Taxes
  • Meet a Social Entrepreneur
  • Write a real business plan
  • Get a Business Bank Account
  • Learn About Government Resources
  • Go on Cool Business Field Trips
  • Get a Professional Style Makeover
  • Learn About Franchises
  • Learn About the Business of Sports
  • Register Your Business at the County Clerk’s Office
  • Compete for Scholarships and Prizes at the Saunders Scholars Competition
  • Sell Your Products at a Trade Show
  • Meet Other Awesome Entrepreneurs and Network, Network, Network
  • Make A Profit!


Help provide hope to those we serve in the local area by holding an Apparel, Books, & Computer Drive in your community, business, school or church. Men’s, women’s and children’s seasonal clothing are appreciated. As well as old laptops, desktops, cell phones, and books. These items will be refurbished by local businesses and given to a family that will be impacted most by your charitable donation. Donate gently used winter coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, hats, gloves and jeans. If you can not make it on a specific date then we will gladly come to you.

Have an old bike sitting in your garage that you never ride anymore? Your used bicycles can make a big difference in the lives of some Charles County families. We can accept just about any used bicycle as long as there is air in the tires and it is in ride-able condition. Your donations are needed and appreciated! Donate your bicycle to empower an individual to ride for fun, fitness or to get to where they need to go. This act is easy and can be tax-deductible!

If you are an individual with a bicycle or two, or bicycle parts and accessories to donate for repair, reuse and recycling, it is usually most practical and cost effective to donate them. In some areas you have a choice of directing you bike to an organization that will use it internationally or to a domestic program.

Making Activities Easier to Afford for the Less Fortunate

At risk youth are some of those who are not prepared for success in school, or who do not receive enough support at home. The lack of preparation can be social, academic, and/or financial, and allowing these students drop out is the simplest, but least economically desirable, approach. Disadvantaged students who don’t have extra curricular activities to participate in tend to partake in non-progressive activities. This leads to them influencing others who have the same lack of support and poor chance of success, perpetuating the cycle. Consequently, there is a great deal of interest in finding ways to give at risk students the tools they need to improve. The three unmet needs (social, academic, and financial) often occur together, and sometimes providing financial aid for school helps the most strongly motivated disadvantaged students push forward without further personal assistance. However, many at risk students with average levels of motivation need continual monitoring and encouragement, and there are numbers of programs (Courtside IQ) detailing ways to help them move on through high school and college. For students who lack active parental involvement in their progress at school, we’ve partnered with schools (SO MANY of the teachers already mentor the students) to maintain a network of personnel for the purpose of supplying that necessary personal interest. This program targets students from low-income minority populations whose parents did not graduate from college, and they are achieving small miracles in terms of graduating. Financially disadvantaged families are even less likely to have a parent available for child care after school, so one major goal of aid for younger students is occupying their free time safely and productively. There are a vast number of supporting programs that offer skills training, help with homework, recreational activities, and contact with adults. We developed this program to provide financial assistance so the youth can be granted access to a better future.


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